This is a list of all the technical talks I’ve given.

“Rendering Tale, Comparing SVG , Canvas, and WebGL”

January 17th, 2019

This was the first technical talk I gave. The overview was how SVG ,Canvas, and WebGL works. Why it’s important to understand as a frontend / fullstack developer. As well as it’s implications on the web, select examples of effects you can do, tooling and real world examples. I had known next to nothing about the topic a month previously, and only had 50% of the slides done the day of the talk.

Last 5 minutes were lost due to storage limitations on my phone and I forgot to record my screen. The camera angle and mic quality wasn’t optimal either. You can read more about things I learnedย here. Talk lasted 1.5 hours because I hadn’t done a dry run.

Slides found here

Here’s the unlisted, temporary end result in the mean time, before I post/process and/or rerecord it later