Hi, my name is Vincent Tang. I do marketing and sales for a small company specializing in industrial equipment. In my freetime, I do fullstack development, building tools I find useful, and studying computer science. Previously a metallurgist

I use this website to share things I learn. These topics are the following:

  • Tutorials – Nonopinionated beginner tutorials on webdevelopment topics and DIY projects
  • Tips – Opinionated topics such as my favorite software and how I use it, or developmental tidbits
  • Writing – Things written from my perspective about work,life,personal

I believe it is important to blog about something. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is. Writing these posts captures a state of mind that you can later revisit. It helps cement things you’ve learned and helps you show a sense of progress.

What I am up to now – edited 11/3/18

What I am learning now

  • MERN Stack Development By Brad Traversy 9/12/18
  • React Development by Andrew Mead- 7/7/18 

What I am physically building now

  • Developing a full e-commerce site for work – started April,17 2018, (not deployed yet) frontend design/ project management / backend data strategy
  • Building a ML notetaking app I want (really long term)– started July 7 2018, ideas on paper/UX wireframing done
  • Rebuilding a better wordpress blog from scratch – started 11/3/18
  • Building a CSS framework so I can develop faster – Started 11/9/18

What I am trying to improve on last edited 11/3/18

  • Writing less opinionated tutorials, more tech tutorials
  • Bulking Up / waking up early
  • Doing more technical talks / starting youtube tutorials
  • Being more active in dev communities / asking questions / teaching
  • Reorganizing all my github assets for faster referencing

What I am doing for fun last edited 11/8/18

  • Learning to play Final Fantasy X on the Ukelele

What I’m learning slowly last edited April,17 2018

  • Discrete math and Linear Algebra
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Occassional Freecodecamp / DailyProgrammer Challenges
  • Design patterns and clean code conventions
  • NAND2tetris – July 7 2018 (on hold)
  • Algorithms Sedgewick – started July 7th 2018 (on hold)


I publish articles elsewhere on occasion.

Around The Web

  • Github – Most of my repos are private, but I star things I find interesting
  • Twitter – Random thoughts and occasional spam
  • Stackoverflow – Where I post all my dumb questions and answers to things I couldn’t find
  • Codepen – Frontend components I make for projects I need (most are private)
  • MDN Design Documentation – I wrote part of the MDN documentation for things like ternary operator and search methods
  • Alternativeto.net – Top contributor for alternative software, I put all my notes about different software I have ever tried here
  • Hackernews – To stay up to date on all things tech related
  • Freecodecamp Forums – Solutionsets to problems in the curriculum
  • Airtable Forums – I write about workflows related to business processes, macros, and excel VBA scripts for a relational database
  • Dynalist Forums – A notetaking app I use everyday, I post many ideas here


You can reach me with the contact page form below, or at my email:  kagerjay.blog (at) gmail.com